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Kris's Hot Shoe Straps

"Strap it Up and Gas it Up"

Kris’s Hot Shoe Straps started in Late Summer 2010 where I made my first straps for my husband and kids. After my husband had a hard time finding a new Hot Shoe Strap he came to me asking if there was any way I could make him a new strap. We went out and purchased a Dog Leash and 4 un-welded D-Rings from McClendon’s. After trial and error we realized quickly that these straps needed to be more secure. The Rings needed to be welded and the straps needed to be sewn in a way that if the stitching were to pull apart it wouldn’t un-ravel the whole strap thanks Ken Hageman.

In winter of 2010 we started selling locally by word of mouth and Facebook. We put an ad out on and Ebay and started receiving our first out of state orders. We quickly realized that there was a real need for these straps and started pressing forward. Mikki Hageman created our logo and we got stickers and business cards printed up.

Spring and summer 2011 the straps really took off as we had a lot of local and out of state orders and had our first out of the country orders to Australia and Germany.

In summer 2012 we had a big growing spurt. We had our first bulk order to Gary Kinzler aka, Lightshoe and we made a donation to Mickey Fay Jr. We purchased a banner and we found some patterned webbing as well as powder coated D-rings.

Here now in 2014 we have expanded from Hot Shoe Straps to Pet products almost coming full circle with the dog leash. We have designed custom pig harnesses for pigs that are designed for their broad shoulders that dogs don't have and pet collars for the big and small.

From dog leashes with once over stitching and un-welded D-Rings to slip resistant flat webbed Straps, with Heavy Duty doubled over threaded stitching, and Nickel Plated Welded Steel D-Rings, Kris’s Hot Shoe Straps has grown in popularity. We are excited with our ideas in the works and our future goals. Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting our sport.


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